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Systems and Installation

Air Cool Engineering Service and Maintenance Ltd carries out all survey, design and installation works – offering clients a complete ‘turnkey’ package. Our product suppliers are Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, and Panasonic – market leaders in the production of air conditioning systems.

The types of systems Air Cool Engineering install all offer clients ‘bespoke’ solutions and sophisticated technology, to meet their cooling, heating and ventilation needs.

Split Systems

Ideal for small to medium sized properties, split and multi-split systems can operate up to five indoor units from a single outdoor unit – providing heating and cooling for year-round comfort. Operating with safe, stable and efficient refrigerants and incorporating inverter technology, these systems offer industry-leading performances and efficiencies.

Variable Refrigerant Flow – VRF

VRF is increasingly used as an alternative to traditional water-based heating and cooling systems. Mitsubishi Electric has developed a range of advanced VRF systems to satisfy any building requirement.

Heat Exchange Ventilation – temperature and humidity are exchanged between the supply and exhaust air, recovering potential energy losses and considerably reducing the air conditioning loads.

Air Cool Engineering
Air Cool Engineering